As a family owned craft-distillery, our product is our life. It is the water we fish in and the woods we live in. Our vision is one few ever see. Call us crazy, but, wouldn’t it make sense if people and moreover businesses based their goals not only on how to help themselves, but also how we can help others? And so we ask you to join us in helping a cause very close to our hearts, United States Veterans. There are so many young men and women that have given so much to serve our country, and are finding themselves in need. In light of these brave men and women, we have based this business on the pledge that $1 from the sale of EVERY bottle of our Black Coral Rum goes towards U.S. Veterans organizations. Sound good to you? Read on and find out we are different!

From the cane fields of South Florida comes the life blood of our Black Coral Rum. Sweet cane molasses, made right here in Florida and with a smell that will make you wanting some shoofly pie. Our fermentations take place one at a time and under the utmost scrutiny, creating a consistent product run after run. Only the most clean, pure water is used in the creation of our rums, avoiding undesirable flavors. Once the mash has spent its time fermenting, the hand built custom still takes over and slowly heats the mash. And yes we built that too. The brick fired stainless and copper still comes up to temperature creating a waft of sweet rum scent that fills the air, as well as alerts the neighbors of the daily event!

Now this is where craft-distilleries differ from that of run of the mill production rums. We make individual batches, thereby allowing us to separate the different types of liquids present in the still. Larger operations have continuous running stills, making it impossible to separate these compounds. With taste, smell and skill these cuts are made. Creating a rum from a multitude of flavors which the still produces is a distillers job, and it’s all by our master distiller. Once the lighter alcohols are taken out, (i.e. the alcohol responsible for the giving hangovers.) we have clean rum pouring out of the still for the next 24 hours, until the run reaches the “tails” phase. This is where a distiller’s job is really done. Creating a rum that is not too harsh nor too bland is the art of blending. The still is allowed to run until the desired amount of tails has been collected into the main run tank, this is again all done by taste. The fact that we could, collect all the rum and simply charcoal filter it like most distilleries do does not fly here.

Now as a clear rum it has some work to do to become Black Coral Rum. This clear sweet buttery rum is now ready to be pumped into our aging barrels. New charred White Oak Barrels are filled with our rum and set to age. A portion of this rum is set into “other” barrels creating a completely different profile. Those two rums are in time combined in a perfect blend to make Black Coral “Original” Rum.

Our Black Coral Spiced Rum is carefully flavored using all natural ingredients, if it doesn’t grow in the ground it’s not in our rum. Our rum and these spices infuse to create a profile with an amazingly complex aroma and flavor. Not too sweet, and not too dry. Many enjoy it neat, but a few cubes and a splash of cola and you’ve got a drink that will slap a smile on your face. But don’t take my word for it, give it a try. If you like it then awesome, but of course you will like it, it’s delicious! And you can “pour with pride” knowing that you have helped a Veteran in need, by just enjoying a drink of Black Coral Rum.

Even if we can’t sway you from your regular run of the mill rum you have become so used to drinking, we urge you to spread the word to others who love Rum. Lets make a REAL change, it starts with We the People, not the government. Help those who are in real need, those who stood up and served the country we are so proud to be free to live in. Volunteer if you can; thank a stranger in a Service uniform. These small gestures make a huge difference for those who are away from their families for so long. Let’s make the idea of this country a reality again!

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