Fat Dog Distillery has always followed its own path, doing what it thinks is right, even in the face of obstacles or cost. Fat Dog Distillery creates spirits from the best ingredients, fresh and the old fashioned way with attention to detail that can only be done in small batches by hands-on process.

Artisan distillers process the qualities of a true artist. They have sacrificed financial and often social status for the pursuit of self expression. The expression of their spirit is their spirit. We emphasize that is the taste (not lack thereof) that is important. And most importantly, it is the experience of the person partaking, the individual, that is of value. It is the emotion, the pleasure that one derives from the experience that is the ultimate goal of Fat Dog Spirits. We feel we must break with convection to drive to this goal.  We bear the risk of this endeavor in every sense from economic to emotional.

We invite you to evolve with us and taste the difference.

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