People ask us how we got into the mead business. The answer is simple, to offer an alcoholic beverage alternative to beer, wine and hard liquor. But why mead, why not sake? That answer is also a simple one, the owner and founder of Keys’ Meads, Jeff Kesling Jr. loves honey. As a sidebar, Jeff Sr. spent part of our opening day describing, to anyone who would listen, that his reason for getting into this business was for his son to make Horseradish Mead.

So how does a love of honey and an interest in alcohol translate into mead? It starts, like many home-brews, with experimentation. Jeff Jr. and a few of his friends, decided to start by making a pineapple mead. We later found out pineapple is a very difficult fruit to make alcohol, so we started with a high difficulty brew. It took this mead a year to finally taste palatable, but is now remembered very fondly by all of us. We have a single bottle remaining, and those friends that were there at the beginning are constantly eyeballing the bottle, and trying to sneak out with it.

After the long wait for that first mead, Jeff Jr. started making more in an attempt to refine the technique. After making the first few, and having them all turn out wonderfully, Jeff’s father, Jeff Sr. decided Jeff Jr. should pursue a license. The process to get the license was long and grueling, it ended up taking us over 8 months. Then came the learning process involving the labeling and formulas aspect, which took us another 6 months. After all the waiting, we finally opened our doors on April 1, 2017.

As of November, 2017, Keys’ Meads tasting room was moved to Unit 11 (next door @ top of stairs). Unit 12 is now devoted to manufacturing, to handle distribution of our meads. Look for us in the new Florida Keys Brewing Company tap room, available now.

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12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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